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Grade 5

Amplify Science


Mr. Stewart's Class Wiki


CA Student Atlas  - printable pdf's of the atlas of California

Mr. Nussbaum: United States  - lots of online interactive activities to learn about the states.


**American Revolution  - grade-accessible information from FactMonster on causes and early troubles, First Continental Congress, war's outbreak, indecision and declaration, Saratoga and Valley Forge, foreign assistance, Vincennes to Yorktown, and aftermath.

American Revolution  - Mr. Nussbaum site inclues videos, activities, people, interactive battles, timeline, causes and effects, etc.

America's Story: Revolutionary Period (1764-1789) - site dedicated to kids from America's library. 

**Liberty! The American Revolution  - PBS site with a teacher's guide. Includes: chronicle of the revolution, perspectives on liberty, and the Road to Revolution game.

Liberty's Kids  - website that accompanies PBS series on the American Revolution (DVDs available at the SFPL)

Revolutionary War Timeline  - from US History,org

**The American Revolution  - Kidport site with age-accessible information. Pages include: timeline, quest for independence, Gaspee event, Boston Tea Party, First Continental Congress, Second Continental Congress, Declaratiion of Independence, Battles of the Revolution, French Alliance, Articles of Confederation, Treaty of Paris, and links to other sites.


WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA  - search "American Revolution"